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Private Cloud and Datacenter
Traditional storage area networks (SAN) are expensive and does not deliver enough performance. To make a transition from traditional IT into a service organization where you provide new services, self-service, and agile infrastructure is a challenge and requires new design ideas and new technologies. Let us help you find an efficient solution!
The modern datacenter, built on commodity hardware and software, defines everything. No matter if it’s a Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud built on Azure Pack or Azure Stack! 

If you are interested in finding a new efficient solution, TrueSecs team of experts, assist you with designing, buying and implementing your own Private or Hybrid Cloud. 

We have long experience in building modern datacenters for hosting providers, the public and private sector - on a daily basis all around the world. 

The solution we find best for your specific needs is based on our and Microsoft’s best practices. 

Products and Solutions covered
Storage Spaces
System Center
Windows Server
Azure Pack
Azure Stack
NVGRE routers

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