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OS Deployment Health Check
OS Deployment can save you many hours of hard work if it’s correctly implemented. As an example, you can create a solution that makes it faster to reinstall a computer and maintain all user settings, than to reinstall an application or to troubleshoot a problem. You can even let end-users trigger a reinstall to cut down on helpdesk calls. 
An OS Deployment solution, where there are manual tasks, is not an automated solution. Manual tasks are prone to error, takes a lot of time and in the end makes the end-user have to wait and be unproductive.

In an OS Deployment Health Check we help you check your system and give our recommendations and advice. We bring all our experience and knowledge to the table on how to fully automate the deployment process, management and lifecycle of your client computers to reduce time, cost and frustration. And to get you a world class OS deployment solution!

Products Covered
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
Windows Deployment Services (WDS) 
System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr, Windows Client, and Windows Server Deployment)

Topics Covered
Supporting infrastructure
System configuration
Task sequences
Reference images
Patch management
Application deployment

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