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Understand Windows Azure Pack and Microsoft Azure Stack [1 dag]

Architects and decision makers, learn what Windows Azure Pack and Microsoft Azure Stack is and how you can use it in your environment, no matter if you are an enterprise customer or hosting provider, to provide new services, self-service and reduce costs.

This is a perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with a new product, learn what it can or can’t do, and get a chance to ask questions and get answers from experts deploying and working with the product each day.

This lab is an lecture style class where focus is to learn and discuss how Windows Azure Pack (WAP's) and Azure Stack (MAS) can be used in your environment and where you can ask all your questions and get answers from our experts.

WAP and MAS brings Microsoft Azure technologies to your datacenter (on your hardware) and build on the power of Windows Server and System Center to deliver an enterprise-class, cost-effective solution for self-service, multitenant cloud infrastructure and application services.

You will be able to use a pre-built environment to try out different features both as an administrator and a user to see the possibilities and get an hands-on experience.

Included is a seven day access to the pre-built environment (3 500 SEK).

Special offer - 2 seats for the price of 1!
Place your order and we will contact you regarding the 2nd seat.

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