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Geek Week - Building a Datacenter or Private Cloud [5 dagar]

How to build the next generation datacenter using a private cloud based on Microsoft components and design.

Join Markus Lassfolk and Mikael Nyström, Microsoft MVPs and highly experienced datacenter builders, in this full week of intensive hands-on training based on all real-world experience.

The hands-on labs are based on their experienses as professional IT consultants, but also through cooperation with Microsoft during an early stage of the deplopment of the platform.

You’ll be the administrator of your own ViaMonstra fabric with one clear goal: building, configuring, and managing a next-generation datacenter! Read more under Detaljer. At the end of each day, we will return to the hotel and have opportunities to continue lessons in the hotel bar or discuss your specific challenges.

Always included in this Geek Week is a HP Proliant Microserver inclusive a extra memory, disk and switch (7 700 SEK) to bring home by the end of the Geek Week. This is also the actual hardware used to build and lab on during the class.

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